Get ready for Web 3.0 aka Metaverse

November 23, 2021



Get ready for Web 3.0 aka Metaverse

“The next frontier of social connection” – MZ

In the future, avatars will take over.

The concept of the Metaverse has existed since the ‘90s. Sort of…

But that’s a long time ago. Let’s see where we are today regarding this concept.

Here’s the elevator pitch: It‘s a virtual 3D space that can be accessed with an avatar, to play games, shop for sneakers, attend meetings, hang out (which is big right now, according to Mark Zuckerberg), and practically everything else you can do in real live… just digitally. It‘s a fusion of the internet, virtual reality, and augmented reality.

Another very important aspect is, that it will be interoperable, meaning, for instance, you can buy overalls in a store in one ecosystem and use it for your avatar in the next street fighter game, to look extra sassy.

However, it doesn’t seem ready for mainstream yet, because first of all, only people who are really into games use this term or know what it is. Also, they wouldn’t buy overalls.

But something happened recently, that might change the situation a bit. Facebook announced that they will be getting involved. They already bought the Oculus virtual-reality headset a while ago, but now they changed their name to Meta, so you know it‘s serious.

There are some concerns about the fact that Facebook is so highly invested in.

After all the scandals that the company was involved in the last few years (Cambridge Analytica, the 2020 election, the WSJ reports), you might ask yourself, should I immerse myself even more in a Facebook World. Maybe if we use an apple device something like this will appear:

Please let me track you!

But in awesome, immersive 3D graphics.

As Mark Zuckerberg puts it: It will be much more interoperable than Web2.0 where every app is kind of siloed.

…Except, of course, when you are Facebook, then you can already cross over to other apps and follow you around.

For now, though, it is not ready for mainstream adoption since such an all-encompassing ‘world’ would require an ultra-fast, low-latency internet and capable hardware.

Anyway, check out Decentraland, for a taste of the future.

written by dac


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