How To Choose The Right Logo Type For Your Business

April 20, 2017



How to choose the right logo type for your business?

The logo is often referred to as the DNA of a Brand. Communicating the brand’s value and function in a simple design isn’t an easy task.
It should reflect the brand and the product in style, look and expression.

To help you get inspired and informed for your own company logo, we have listed the most common types for you.


These logos consist only of the brand name and are stylized, designed fonts.
In addition to the Logo, the company has the font custom designed for use in all collaterals.
Wordmark logos work especially well, when the company name is not too long.
These logos tend to be highly adaptable which is a big advantage.

Pictorial Mark

Simple and bold. The simplified and stylized Image matches the branding values, functions etc.
A professional pictorial mark logo is instantly recognizable and doesn’t need the any additional text. This makes it a little tricky for new brands, but worth it in the long run. Of course you can use it as a combination mark and separate it in the future. A symbol has the advantage that it can tell a story, for instance what the product does or what it represents, you know, since a picture is worth a thousand words…

Abstract Mark

Abstract marks are as the name says abstract shapes representing the brand’s message. Companies use this form of representation because it gives them the possibility to visualize complex ideas or services. Obviously this gives some room for interpretations which can lead to the wrong message. So a strong concept is crucial.
Abstract mark logos

Letter Mark

Some big Companies with long names use initials for their logo. These letters are often simple and form a compact design. Like the wordmark logos, they are very adaptable as well. Since this type of logos consist of only a few letters, they need a strong, working design to be recognizable.

Combination Mark

Combining a symbol and a wordmark is a widespread type of logo and its often seen as an alternative version of the main logo. Ideally, the elements should work on its own as well. Combination mark logos often take advantage of the flexibility of the more often than not two independent elements. They can be stacked or put side by side without any loss of quality or recognition. Its a very popular choice of logo.


Those logos have an classic, traditional quality. The company name is integrated in the design becoming one complex symbol. The elements are inseparable from each other. A lot of organizations and schools decide to go with emblem logos, but that doesn’t mean they don’t work for other kinds of businesses, as you can see in the examples.
The tricky part is when used in

Often you see combinations of the logo types, depending where the logo is placed, to give some flexibility.

Also keep in mind that the logos will be used on so many different places like print products, textiles, videos, web etc. so evaluate if the design looks good on all of them.

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written by dac